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Stand up against the Melancthon mega-quarry

Here’s a meaningful way to spend a few hours on the Saturday before Canada Day.  Join a group of artists who are protesting against putting a limestone quarry at Melancthon.  The quarry would consume many acres of prime farmland, and the area is the watershed of significant water resources. To learn more about the quarry, […]

A special silver anniversary

This year, 2012, marks 25 years since the Raging Grannies were founded. The original Raging Grannies group in Victoria BC are marking the anniversary with a Grannies gathering in Victoria, August 8 – 11 .  With typical Grannies wit they are calling it the UnConvention.  If you are a member of a Raging Grannies group, […]

More on the green thing, back then

A true story from Granny Molly                   In 1967, my two kids being tucked up for their nap, I was relaxing in my back yard.  To my surprise, a man appeared at my gate and said he thought he might find me there, because there had been no […]

BAD Grannies at Barrie’s Ecofest

Here are some BAD Raging Grannies singing and strolling in Heritage Park, Barrie, on June 10, 2012.  Our songs were mainly about the need to protect and conserve water, in support of Ecofest’s focus on the importance of water. We were delighted when young Kayla from Sudbury joined us and sang her heart out with us.  We […]

A couple of good links

This link takes you to a more detailed summary of the Aware panel discussion on the shocking cost of energy. This one takes you to Aware’s Tips For Action, some useful tips on how to take action to make a difference.