Let’s put services to the poor Under One Roof

2013 Busby Centre Under One Roof

Here are some of the BAD Grannies at the David Busby Street Centre on Thursday, January 17, 2013.  We were there to make a small contribution towards a cause dear to our hearts, the Under One Roof project.  It was a small amount, but we hoped showing up and singing will help get Barrie people interested in this initiative.

That means you.  We hope you will support Under One Roof, spread the word, and encourage everyone you know to support it.  Granny Molly, shown below, spoke on behalf of the BAD Raging Grannies to express our active and continued support for this project.  You may see us popping up through the coming year, singing our hearts out about it.

2013 Granny Molly at the Busby CentreSo what is Under One Roof?  It’s based on the commercial concept of the same name, by which small businesses can operate more efficiently and save money by  sharing business premises and services.  It’s also more convenient for customers.  For example, we can often access various medical services in the same building.

What a great idea for social services as well, especially services to people who are challenged and disadvantaged due to poverty, physical and mental health problems, and homelessness.  For a couple of years a number of Barrie organizations have been looking at bringing their services together in one location.  It can be done, and it works, as has been shown in the similar project in Cambridge, Ontario.

The Under One Roof project is spearheaded by the David Busby Street Centre, a drop in centre for the homeless at 45 Collier Street, Barrie, which also provides a variety of much needed services to a variety of disadvantaged communities.  See www.busbycentre.ca.

Other organizations active in Under One Roof include Out Of The Cold, the Salvation Army, and New Path.

The project is now looking for a suitable location, and of course, funding.  Lots of funding.  Please join us and support Under One Roof in any way you can.