BAD Grannies celebrate International Women’s Day at Barrie City Hall

If you were at the Farmers Market at Barrie City Hall on Saturday March 8, you might have been a tad surprised to hear people singing among the veggies, crafts and baked goods.  If you’ve heard the Raging Grannies sing before, you might even have recognized a song or two.

You got it, the Barrie And District (BAD) Raging Grannies showed up that day to raise their voices in praise of women, to celebrate International Women’s Day.  And raise them we did, much to the surprise of Nancy Brown from Montreal, who was visiting friends in the area.  Her friends had another commitment for a couple of hours, so Nancy decided to pass the time at the Farmers Market.  “I’d just arrived,” she told us, “and there were Raging Grannies all dressed up, singing a song I know very well.”  Of course Nancy knows the song, she’s a member of the Montreal Raging Grannies.  Small world.

Our celebration was more than our witty songs.  We set up a table covered with posters listing the names of Canadian women who have contributed marvellously to the world in many areas such as science, the arts, politics, law, and of course, activism – to name a few.  Hundreds of names.  Hundreds of amazing Canadian women.

People passing by were able to add their own suggested names on a form the BAD Grannies provided, and many did so.  The Barrie chapter of Amnesty International shared the table, and brought petitions for people to sign in support of several women in terrible situations.  Many people signed the petitions too.  Thank you.

At one point we stepped outside to check out a flash mob that was rumoured to be forming by the skating rink.  See for the story on the One Billion Rising Against Violence Against Women flash mob outside Barrie City Hall, one of many world wide being held on International Women’s Day.

Of course, being a bunch of hams, as soon as we saw the cameras we broke out in song all over again.  Can’t help it, just can’t stop singing!  We were ever so glad it was actually, finally, a nice warm sunny day.

A very fine day on which to celebrate all women, everywhere.