Merci beaucoup, Montréal Raging Grannies, for a great UnConvention

Raging Grannies doing what Raging Grannies do The 122 Grannies who attended the Raging Grannies UnConvention in Montréal, June 25 – 28, had a marvellous time.  We shared our knowledge, experience and ideas in workshops.  We made new friends over delicious meals.  And we enjoyed the wit and talent of the many delightful Show And Tell performances the different gaggles put on.

Here are the Victoria Grannies dancing Swan Lake in their Show And Tell performance; then an “oil spill” then turned the swans black.  Below, a pic of the  Toronto Grannies, and one of your very own BAD Grannies.

Victoria Grannies dancing Swan Lake

BAD Grannies at Show And Tell

Toronto Grannies







One of the highlights of the UnCon was a special pre-viewing of the Isaac Magnuson film on the Raging Grannies movement.  Granny Power is a marvellous film.  It follows several gaggles and individual grannies in their significant activist efforts in Canada and the United States.  The film is undergoing some final production finishing, after which it will be released.  Watch this site for further news.

Hats off to cool down at a meal break, after a long, hot march.

Hats off for a lunch break photo by Denise

The top event of every UnCon is the Raging Grannies Protest March.  At this UnCon, our main message was the failing grade we Raging Grannies are giving our governments on both sides of the border on the issues we consider critical such as climate change, fracking, the tar sands, and so many more.

We marched through the streets of Montreal chanting our message slogans, while many passers by showed their support.  On Rue Ste. Catherine, on the Anglican cathedral steps, we did what Raging Grannies do best:  We sang our hearts out, and gave the people of Montréal a wonderful street theatre performance.  Here’s an album of the march put together by Elizabeth Vezina, one of the many Montréal grans who worked so hard to make the UnConvention a grand success.  Just click on this link

Scroll through the photos, and you will see people you recognize.

And a final Thank you to the lovely Grans of the Montréal gaggle for giving us an UnConvention to remember.