About the Grannies

Who are we?

The Raging Grannies are caring mature women who use song to protest and raise awareness about issues such the environment, social justice and peace.


What do we do?

We write songs about a topical issue, set to familiar tunes.  Then we dress up in daffy hats and wild granny clothes, and go out and sing our hearts out.  We’re quite prepared to show up where we are not invited, if that’s what it takes.


Why do we do this?

We hope people will think about the issues we raise.  Perhaps some will be inspired to also stand up and speak out.


How did the Raging Grannies begin?

The original Raging Grannies group was formed in Victoria, BC, in February 1987, by a group of eight women who were worried about the danger of nuclear-powered and nuclear-armed vessels coming into Canadian waters.  They decided to get their message across by singing protest songs.  After that protest they moved on to target other environmental and social concerns.

They were so successful that other groups soon sprang up across Canada, as well as in the USA and the UK.  Raging Grannies groups can now be found around the world.  Each group is autonomous; there is no central Raging Grannies organization.


When did the Barrie And District Raging Grannies start?

We formed in 2003.  We call ourselves the Barrie And District Grannies because our members come from all around Barrie, not just the city.  Besides, we like that the BAD Grannies sounds a bit cheeky.

There’s no membership fee, everyone is equal, and decisions are made by consensus.  We are serious about the issues, but we have great fun writing and singing our songs.


Interested in joining us?

You don’t have to be a grandmother to be a Raging Granny.  You don’t even have to be able to sing.  All you need is to be concerned about the issues, and want to help change things for the better.

Contact us to find out when and where we hold our meetings.  Feel free to drop by; we’d love to meet you.


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