My hat


An entertaining evening can always be found when Debbie Marks of Marks In Time hosts her “Show and Tell” events to try to instil in the rest of us the importance of telling our stories. Visit to learn more about the creative and more permanent ways Debbie encourages us to do this.

I have already passed on most of my family treasures, and having talked about those I still have at previous Show and Tell sessions, I decided on March 10, to talk about one of my hats. One of my Granny hats!

Only a few present had heard of the Raging Grannies, so I spoke about our history, the risks of arrest that some have experienced – risks that we recognise we take but are willing to take them anyway. I then outlined the story of the BAD Grannies and some of the projects we have undertaken over the years.

I demonstrated the manner of our protests by delivering a solo version of We Aren’t Going To Take It Anymore. It was the first time they had a presentation in song! I felt the story of my hat, where it goes and what it does when there, was very well received.

By Granny Molly