Grandmother Power – a book worth reading

You might be thinking, Granny Power, Grandmother Power, what’s going on?  Powerful grandmas?

That’s exactly what author Paola Gianturco explores in her latest book Grandmother Power: A Global Phenomenon.  With beautiful pictures and inspiring words Paola presents grandmothers around the world who are making a difference in the lives of their communities.  In country after country, from Argentina to Swaziland, grandmothers are solving problems and turning situations around.

Don’t believe me?  Go to and check out this book.  Discover what our fellow grans around the world are achieving.  You’ll be proud to be a gran.  And you’ll be inspired to keep on doing the things you’re doing to make the world a better place for our grandkids all around the world.

Still don’t believe me?  Look at this group of grans.

Grandmothers And Grandothers, Barrie

They are members of Grandmothers And Grandothers in Barrie, part of the Stephen Lewis Foundation’s Grandmothers Campaign.  Through this movement, Canadian grandmothers raise funds so that grandmothers in Africa are able to raise the children orphaned by AIDS.  This is one of the many grandmother initiatives featured in Paola Gianturco’s book Grandmother Power.  (Paola is donating 100% of her royalties to the Grandmother’s Campaign.)