10 years and going strong

In July 2003 four women came together in a Barrie home and founded the Barrie And District Raging Grannies.  Hendrika, Anita, Olga and Marjorie decided Barrie needed to hear the voices of thoughtful and articulate mature women on the issues facing all of us, and we recognized it was up to us to make it so.

Ten active years later, in July 2013, to celebrate the BAD Grannies’ 10th anniversary, granny Karen graciously hosted a pot-luck lunch at her home on Georgian Bay.  First we banqueted on an amazing spread of delicious dishes, spiced with good conversation and laughter, as granny Denise shows here.

Granny Denise

We then spent a delightful afternoon outside, enjoying the breeze off the blue waters of Georgian Bay as we told our stories, each one in turn tracing the steps of one woman’s journey, her own.

Here we all are, starting with granny Hendrika, original co-founder of the BAD Grannies, and granny Molly.

Grannies Hendrika and Molly














Below are our youngest BAD Gran, granny Jane on the left, and our most senior, granny Kay.

Our youngest BAD Gran, granny-in-training Jane

Our most senior BAD Gran, granny Kay











Below, grannies Marjorie and Mariane listen intently.

Grannies Marjorie and Mariane












Likewise grannies Karen and Denise.

Grannies Karen and Denise














And  below, grannies Olga and Mariane demonstrate the sisterhood that binds the BAD Grannies together.

Grannies Olga and Mariane

 The 10th anniversary celebration of the BAD Grannies was a very special day indeed.

Present but not shown, granny Anita.  Not present:  Grannies Ann, Bev, Diny, Mary-Florence and Wendy.